Asynchronous Job Execution in the Cloud @ JavaOne

I’ll be presenting “Asynchronous Job Execution in the Cloud” (Session ID: 24301) later this week at JavaOne in San Francisco. The session will be held in the Hotel Nikko (Carmel I/II) on Wednesday Oct. 5, at 1pm. I will cover how deployment topologies requires us to rethink how we go about job execution. As we moved from one machine to multiple and now even to ever changing environment, we need better tools to express the requirement of our job so that we can leverage IT infrastructures optimally and keep the throughput of our applications as high as possible. I plan on covering this generally and then illustrate how Quartz achieves those goals when clustered using Terracotta. Looking forward to the session and discussions it might trigger. Also feel free to drop by one of our booth in either the Hilton Hotel (Continental Ballroom / JavaOne exhibitor hall / booth #5201) or in the Moscone Center’s South Hall (booth #640), where I also will be hanging around!