Moving on...

After almost seven years at Terracotta, I’ve decided to move on to other adventures. I joined the company, as it was still a start-up, in early 2009. Prior it acquiring Ehcache later that same year and then, itself, being acquired by Software AG in 2011. Those have been crazy years. Very interesting years, but also challenging ones. I’m not going to delve into the details of the byte code manipulation of the DSO days, nor the challenges on getting advanced clustered capabilities in Quartz or dealing with node failures in Ehcache’s write-behind… Those all have been fun but more fun was being fortunate to work with the incredible team Terracotta has had over the years. The founders obviously: Ari, Orion and last but not least Tim. Tim Eck certainly has been the brightest engineer I’ve had the chance to work with over the nearly 20 years I have been working in software. He also happened to be a very kind and humorous person. Steve who has always pushed me and I with whom I have enjoyed every single argument we had over how to implement this or that! I like to believe the end result was always worth it. Alex, who has been an awesome manager for me and the transparency team in my early days at Terracotta. So has been Fiona over all those years! And obviously the team itself: JamesChris D., Ludovic, Gary, Chris C., Louis, Clifford, Myron, Aurélien, Anthony, Abhilash, Mathieu, Jeff, … Not even mentioning all the great people that were part of the different teams over the many years… Well there is one guy that has left that I should probably mention in this context. Not only did I join Terracotta because he introduced me to Ari at Devoxx in Belgium in 2008, not only because he’s been a friend for over 10 years now… but mostly because I’ll be working with him again in my new position: Geert Bevin.

… joining Moog Music

As of today, I’ll be working at Moog Music together with Geert. I am very excited to have this opportunity and work, initially, on their software instruments for the iOS platform. It’s an awesome opportunity to be able to marry two of my passions: music and software. I’m really looking forward to what we’ll be creating there. That will be quite some change though… No more Java virtual machine for now. But C++, Objective C et al. But I always wanted to work on much more restrictive devices than our “commodity servers”… I guess I have it now!

Thanks Terracotta!

Again, thank you so much, all the people at Terracotta. It’s been a crazy ride and I loved it… but the time has come. That being said… don’t expect me to disappear from the open source mailing lists that quickly! ;)


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2016-01-04 19:03 +0000