Hudson continuous build full screen monitoring

I’ve just quickly hacked a fullscreen monitor for our continuous integration server at work. As for my personal projects, we use Hudson, which has a nice restful xml API.This small utility asks for the url of your Hudson server and retrieves all the jobs and their status. You can also provide the url to a view, would you want to only partially monitor your jobs (such as only the continuous integration builds, ignoring nightly builds, or the other way around).

HudsonMonitor Main screen

When in full screen mode, the tool will poll the server every 15 seconds for job updates and render a fully red, yellow or blue (and yes, I kept the blue!) screen displaying the worse status of your currently monitored jobs. Should the screen not be blue (all monitored builds stable), it will also display the list of unstable or broken builds.

HudsonMonitor - Full screen mode

Everything is pretty much hacked together, with way too many inner classes (lazy me!). This is what I call a “one movie hack”, as I quickly wrote this with the computer on my lap next to my wife while we were watching a movie… or at least she was! Besides, it uses the IntelliJ Idea’s layout manager for the main screen. I’ll try to clean this all up. In the meantime the code is available through a:

$ svn co HudsonMonitor

and the executable jar is available here.


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2008-06-01 06:51 +0000