Jazoon Presentation on Distributed Client/Server Persistence

I’ve presented at this year’s Jazoon conference on Hölchoko, a framework for distributing the persistence of your JPA domain models to multiple clients. While the project itself is not where I would have expected it to be by now, I’ve finished enough of the demos to show what the idea is all about.
I’ve uploaded the presentation here. I know the demo still has the encumbrance of IntelliJ Idea forms for parts of the UI. I hope to get enough time to remove these very soon.

I plan on closing the remain tickets and release version 0.9.1 somewhere next week. I know the type system abstraction still requires quite some work. Finishing the remote filter for sending entities back to the server is just a matter of back porting from the in production systems and developing the dynamic proxy I show in the presentation. Code cleanup is still an issue and so is JavaDoc! HMVC is pretty there already…


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2008-06-26 09:38 +0000